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User Permissions.

Projects and Channel Access

Users can only see the channels and associated projects that they have been added to by an administrator.

If you are an account administrator, project administrator or a channel administrator, you can add an existing user or invite new people to a channel. App users will see the channel and the associated project when they are logged in to FieldChat. Texting users will be able to send and receive text messages to the phone number of the channel.

To add a user to a channel, go to the Members list and select "Add more people". If they are already a user of FieldChat you can add them to the channel. If they need to be invited to FieldChat, you can select "Invite new user".

Determining Who Is An Admin

Every user in a channel's member list will have a title telling you if they are a Customer Administrator, Project Administrator or Channel Administrator. Regular users will not have a title.

Notification settings

Channel Administrators

Each channel can have one or more channel administrators. Channel administrators can add or remove users to a channel and invite new users for the channels that they are assigned admin ownership. Channel administrators can be regular users in some channels and channel administrators in other channels. Channel administrators cannot edit existing users. To make an existing user a channel administrator, you can go to the Members list, select a user already in the channel, and select "Edit user's channel settings". Change "Admin ownership" to Admin user.

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Account Administrators

Only account administrators can edit user profiles, as well as perform other functions such as reset passwords, and import data from other systems like Procore. If you'd like to make someone else an account administrator, you can change their Access Level to "Administrator" by editing their user profile.

Access level admin

Project Administrators

Project administrators can edit user information for people in their project(s), edit project settings, create and remove channels, invite users, and assign other channel administrators. You can add as many project administrators as you need by editing the project.

Project Users

Project users are automatically added to every channel in a project. You can add as many project users as you need by editing the project.

Project Members

Project members can create and view logs but have no access to channels in a project unless they are added to one. You can add a make a user project member by editing their user profile.



Need more help?

The best way to get help is to simply send us a message in the FieldChat Help channel. We monitor your help channel and will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also reach us by phone or email.