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Sending Messages

Send your first message

Type a message and press SEND and it will go to everyone in a group chat channel.


Send images, documents or take a picture

You can attach images, files to your message or take a picture on your phone using the + button. Have a shop drawing you need to get out quickly to a subcontractor? If you attach it as a document, it will be available as a link that can even by opened by someone using FieldChat with text messaging.

Mentioning specific users

If you want to notify specific people, you can use the @ key to mention them by their user name. A list of available users in the channel will appear.


When you mention users, only they will get a text message or app notification.

Scheduling messages

You can schedule messages to be sent in the future by clicking on the clock icon beside the SEND button. This can be useful if you have a reminder or question that you want to send to a team or specific individuals, when the next work day starts. Your can even schedule recurring messages, such as a weekly reminder to fill in timesheets.


Need help?

The best way to get help is to simply send a message to us in the FieldChat Help channel. We monitor your help channel and will get back to you as soon as we can. You can also book a web meeting with us, or reach us by phone or email.