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Capturing data with Activity Logs.

What is a log?

A log is a simple form, used to capture information about something that happened on the job site, along with pictures or files. When logs are created, they can automatically notify people in channels. Standard log categories include:

  • COVID-19 Pre-Screening *
  • Delivery *
  • Injury Report
  • Inspection
  • Manpower *
  • Note *
  • Observation * +
  • Order Request
  • Progress
  • Receipt
  • RFI * +
  • Safety Violation
  • Safety Orientation *
  • Sign In
  • Sign Out
  • Subcontractor Work
  • Toolbox Talk *
  • Visitor *

* = can send to Procore
+ = will set the "Distribution" user list in Procore to any mentioned users in the FieldChat log

Logs are specific to a project. When you create a new project, all the log categories are created by default. However after you create your project, you can use "Activity Logs Settings" and the "Configure" link for a log to disable certain logs, or make them publicly accessible as web forms for texting users.

Screen Shot 2020-10-07 at 1.53.02 PM

Mentioning People in a log

When you create a log, you can use the "Notify Options" at the bottom of the form to notify one or more people in a channel. When you submit the log they will receive a text or app notification, along with any attached pictures, so that people are aware of an issue in real time. No one else in the channel will be notified, but they will see the notification message in the history. People using the FieldChat app will see any notifications where they are mentioned as highlighted in yellow in their message history. 

Screen Shot 2021-03-03 at 5.59.22 PM

Configuring a log

You can click on the "Configure" link to view the settings for a log. You can disable logs that are not applicable for your project by unchecking "Enable log".

Displaying a log in another language

Weblink versions of FieldChat logs can be shown in alternative languages such as French or Spanish. If you have a multi-lingual workforce, please contact us and we can help you this up.

Translated log form

Sending log data to another system

You can send different kinds of logs to Procore, such as to the daily log (note, manpower, visitor, deliveries), or to RFIs, observations. You can also send any type of log as a PDF document in a folder in Procore or PlanGrid. You can choose one or more destinations for each type of log, using the checkbox options.

Action configuration

Validating the answers on a log

The FieldChat bot can validate the answers on a log, and send a response to the user if they pass or fail, as well as send a notification in a channel. The COVID-19 Pre-Screening log is pre-equipped to alert a channel if someone answers a fail question. It will also tell the user to proceed onto the site, or leave the site and call their supervisor, based on their answers.

Checker bot

Making a log accessible to everyone

You can also make creating a log accessible to anyone with a link. This can be helpful if you have foremen or superintendents that interact with FieldChat through text messaging, and need to be able to submit logs (such as daily manpower) without installing the app.

If you wish, people that are not already registered in FieldChat can enroll themselves when they submit a log for the first time. When they enter their phone number, FieldChat will prompt them for their first and last name and company if they are not already registered. The user will be required to enter the auth code sent to their phone number via text message. To enable this, activate "Allow anyone with the link to submit a log and be added to FieldChat".

Lastly, FieldChat also provides a QR code that can be added to your job site signage, so that people can quickly link to a form. You can post this barcode on your job signage using the "Print" button (desktop only).

Screen Shot 2021-01-13 at 1.21.44 PM

Setting log visibility

You can edit your project settings to specify whether regular users see all logs in a project, or just the ones that they create.

Adding Instructions to a log

You can add a title and special instructions to any log that your users will see before they can fill in the form. 

Screen Shot 2021-01-13 at 1.18.21 PM

Reminders & Submission Tracking

You can set-up reminders to automatically notify team members that a log needs to be submitted. Texting users will receive a text message and app users will receive an app notification. Tapping on the notification link will take the user to the form that they need to complete.

Daily Reminders

You can set up a daily reminder to your subcontractors to submit an activity log such as a daily Manpower report. The people you specify in the list will receive a reminder at the specified reminder time if they have not already submitted the report, either as a text message or an app notification. A second reminder can be sent up to a day later, as well as a report of who did and didn't submit.


Weekly Reminders

You can set up a weekly reminder to your subcontractors to submit an activity log such as a weekly Toolbox Talk. The people in the list will receive a reminder at the specified cutoff time and cutoff if they have not already submitted the report. An hour later a second reminder will be sent to those people who still have not submitted. 

Submission Tracking

If you turn on log notifications in one or more channels (see "Log Notifications" section below), then every time a user submits a log, everyone in the channel will be alerted. If reminders are turned on, then every time reminders are sent you will be notified, as well as a summary report of who submitted and did not submit.

Activity log submission tracking report

Creating a log in the FieldChat app

To create a log, click on "New Log" and select the log category you would like to use. You may take pictures in the mobile app, or attach pictures and files in the web app to submit along with the log.

Example delivery log

Creating a log using a web link

If a log is enabled for access via the web link, anyone who has the link will be able to submit new logs in a web form without needing to install the FieldChat app. An example is below.

Screen Shot 2020-10-07 at 4.05.11 PM

When a log is enabled to allow new users to enroll, if their phone number is not on file, additional fields will immediately appear in the form to request their first name, last name and company. FieldChat will send their phone a six-digit auth code text message, which they must enter to verify their identity. The rest of the form can then be completed and submitted. Once the user has provided their contact information, they will be added to FieldChat as a texting user, and can complete additional forms simply by providing their phone number.

Web log form new user enrollment

Log Notifications

To notify everyone in a particular channel when a log is created in your project, you may edit the channel and choose the log categories to notify people about. 

Log notifications

When a new log is created of the specified categories, a message from the Notifier Bot will be sent in the channel to let everyone know. You can click on the blue Preview button and quickly view the log, and then close it to continue scrolling through your message history. From the preview, you can also jump to the log details if you wish to expand the images, download attachments, or edit or delete the log.

Log preview button

Searching for logs

You can search for logs by keyword, date and/or log category. By default, the last 100 most recent submitted logs are shown, grouped by log category. If you change the criteria to date range, then the logs are filtered based on the log date. If you search by keyword, the results will match to the submitter's name, company, and any keywords in the information that they submitted in the log.

Search and export logs

Exporting logs (Desktop only)

You can export your results as a PDF by tapping/clicking on the Export Results link, which will open up a new page with all the details of every log shown in one continuous view of up to 100 logs. You can use the Print button in the new page to then save your results to a PDF file.

Need more help?

The best way to get help is to simply send us a message in the FieldChat Help channel. We monitor your help channel and will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also reach us by phone or email.