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Managing Actions.


FieldChat integrates with other systems such as Procore and PlanGrid through actions. Actions are rules that you specify when you configure a project or an activity log category that define what should happen with your data.

Managing Actions

You can view the status of all the actions that you have running across all of your projects, by using the "Manage Actions" option in the hamburger menu at top left. You will see a list of all your active actions, which you can filter by Project or Status. You can expand the action history to see up to 100 of the most recent activities for an action.

In the example below, you can see that the Manpower log category is connected to two actions, one to create a notes entry in the daily log, and one to upload a PDF to the Procore document folder. For every manpower activity log that is submitted, both of these actions will fire. You can see the history of every time these actions fired by tapping on Action History.

Manage Actions



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