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Connecting to Procore

How does FieldChat integrate with Procore?

You can import your Procore project directory into FieldChat. This will allow you to set up your project very easily since you won't need to manually create any users in FieldChat. Once you import your project directory, your users can login to FieldChat using their existing Procore username/password, and you can easily add people onto channels. You can also run FieldChat right inside the Procore web app. More details on each of these topics are below.

Importing Users from Procore

If you login to FieldChat using your Procore credentials and are a FIeldChat account administrator, you can import all the users in a Procore project directory into FieldChat.

To do this, select the "Import from Procore" option in the hamburger menu at top left. You will then be prompted to pick a Procore project and the users will be imported.

Once your users are imported, you can add them to one or more channels in your project where you want them to be able to communicate and collaborate with other team members. When users are first imported, they are set to texting users by default. If they install the mobile app, they will automatically become app users. Texting users can only be added to channels with phone numbers assigned to them.

Import from Procore with SSO

Setting up a Procore Service Account

If you want to set-up a permanent integration with Procore that is not tied to a specific user, you can create a Procore Service Account. You need to be an account administrator in FieldChat and an administrator in Procore in order to be able to do this. In the Procore admin area, create a new service account and note the Client ID and Client Secret. You’ll need to enter those into FieldChat.

You then need to find this newly created Procore service account in your Procore user directory and edit it so that it has read permission on the Directory tab. This will allow FieldChat to be able to import all of your Procore users. Next, add all of the projects that you want FieldChat to be able to access. 

Now you can login to FieldChat and select the "Import from Procore" option. You can click on the "Set up service account" button and enter the Client ID and Client Secret. You will then be prompted to pick a Procore project and the users will be imported.

Import from Procore with src acct

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Sign on with Procore username & password

Once your users are imported, they can login to the FieldChat web app and mobile apps using their existing Procore credentials. Users can only access the channels that you have explicitly granted them access to in FieldChat.

Running FieldChat inside Procore Web App

Users of the Procore web app can also enjoy running FieldChat right inside Procore. This is a new beta feature offered by Procore. Contact us at help@field.chat and we will help you get this feature enabled for your account!

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Need help?

The best way to get help is to simply send a message to us in the FieldChat Help channel. We monitor your help channel and will get back to you as soon as we can. You can also book a web meeting with us, or reach us by phone or email.