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Using FieldChat with PlanGrid.

How does FieldChat integrate with PlanGrid?

You can import your PlanGrid project team into FieldChat. This will allow you to set up your project very easily since you won't need to manually create any users in FieldChat. Once you import your project team, your users can login to FieldChat using their existing PlanGrid username/password, and you can easily add people onto channels. You can also automatically upload pictures and documents in FieldChat to PlanGrid. More details on each of these topics are below.

Importing Users from PlanGrid

If you login to FieldChat using your PlanGrid credentials and are a FIeldChat account administrator, you can import all the users in a Procore project directory into FieldChat.

To do this, select the "Import from PlanGrid" option in the hamburger menu at top left. You will then be prompted to pick a PlanGrid project and the users will be imported.

Once your users are imported, you can add them to one or more channels in your project where you want them to be able to communicate and collaborate with other team members. Please note that PlanGrid does not allow you to import a user's phone number, so when users are first imported, they are set to app users by default. To make a user a texting user, you will need to edit their user profile in FieldChat, add a phone number, and change their notification setting to "Text notifications".

Sign on with PlanGrid username & password

Once your users are imported, they can login to the FieldChat web app and mobile apps using their existing PlanGrid credentials. Users can only access the channels that you have explicitly granted them access to. You need to add a user to at least one channel in order for them to be able to use FieldChat.

Automatically Uploading Pictures & Documents to PlanGrid

You can configure FieldChat channels to automatically upload pictures and documents to PlanGrid document folders. You will to ensure that the FieldChat projects you want to upload from are each linked to a unique PlanGrid project in the Project panel. The PlanGrid credentials of the Administrator of the FieldChat project will be used to upload the documents. If you login to FieldChat with your PlanGrid credentials, you will see a new "Upload images to PlanGrid" option appear when you edit a channel.

PlanGrid upload option

The pictures sent as text messages or uploaded as images or documents using the app in FieldChat will be uploaded to folders with the same name as the channel in PlanGrid, as shown in the example below.

PlanGrid with document from FieldChat

Sending Activity Logs to PlanGrid as PDF documents

You can configure any of your FieldChat log to create a PDF document in PlanGrid containing the information in the form along with any attached pictures. You can find this option under "Activity Log Settings", by checking the "Send to PlanGrid Document Folder as PDF" setting.

PlanGrid Activity Log Settings


Need more help?

The best way to get help is to simply send us a message in the FieldChat Help channel. We monitor your help channel and will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also reach us by phone or email.