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Get the information you need without the paper or double data entry: Manpower Logs.

Say goodbye to chasing your subcontractors for information and manually entering data into Procore. FieldChat helps your project managers and superintendents save hours every day by collecting Manpower Logs and more via SMS text or QR codes, and auto-syncing the data with Procore.
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Stop chasing your subs. Collect Manpower Logs via SMS text.

With FieldChat, you can send scheduled SMS texts to collect daily Manpower Logs from your subcontractors – nothing new to download or learn. Once a log is submitted it auto-syncs with your Procore Daily Log.

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Print, scan, and collect data from your subs via QR codes.

Every log type in FieldChat has its own corresponding QR code. You can print these codes and post them around your jobsite. All your subcontractors need to do is scan the code using their phone's camera app and they'll be asked to enter their daily Manpower Log.

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Subs are late to submit? Auto-send reminders.

In the heat of the job, submitting paperwork can fall through the cracks. Get a real-time summary of who has and hasn't submitted their logs and let FieldChat do the chasing by automatically sending SMS text reminders.

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Construction Operations Software – Collect Manpower Logs via SMS Text or QR Codes and Sync with ProcoreProduct Image

Auto-sync data with the Procore Daily Log.

Once a subcontractor submits a Manpower Log via a FieldChat SMS text or QR code, the data is auto-synced with the Procore Daily Log. You can review the Daily Log and 'Approve' or 'Reject' the submission. All the data you need at your finger tips without the chasing, paper, or data entry.

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Don't take our word for it.

We just left WhatsApp to use FieldChat. This is the correct way of organizing the field crew and subcontractors. WhatsApp was only for our internal use, now we can have separate channels with the subcontractors included for each job. Easy for subcontractors to use who may not be so tech savvy.

Justice B.
Vice President – W.A. Bentz

Our subs use text-messaging and FieldChat has been a great way to efficiently manage this communication. Having an organized history we can search is very helpful. We save time and have added accountability with everyone being kept up to date immediately and not having to take extra steps to pass along the information to people.

Francois G.
Superintendent – T.B. Penick & Sons

FieldChat is a super user-friendly tool that saves us money and time. Our team relies on FieldChat for quick communication to keep us up-to-date on what is happening on the job site. It gets us the answers we need. Information that used to be lost in text messages or radio conversations are now captured and easy to refer back to. 

Julien L.
Project Manager – Kiewit

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