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FieldChat launches Embedded App on the Procore platform and announces automated photo uploads

Posted by FieldChat on Oct 2, 2019 9:32:51 AM

Today, Procore announced Embedded Experience, a new way for partners to create high impact construction apps called Embedded Apps. We’re pretty stoked about this seamless experience. For the past six months, FieldChat has been one of the selected partners that has been working closely with Procore’s product team - along with support from our mutual customers - to help ensure it’s ready for broad adoption.

With FieldChat’s Embedded App, Procore admins can easily search, install, and manage access to FieldChat. In a few clicks, admins can find FieldChat on the Procore App Marketplace, install it, and make it available to your users right inside the Procore web interface for any of your projects. Anyone in the project, including subcontractors, owners, project managers, superintendents and foremen, can then be easily added to one or more FieldChat group chat channels, and easily communicate with everyone via the Procore web interface, the FieldChat mobile apps or text messages.

Procore embedded experience

When you have many contractors and trades working together on the same project, jobsite communications can be very challenging. FieldChat reduces wasted time and rework by keeping everyone on the same page in real-time. No matter what device someone brings to the site, they can easily stay in touch with everyone on the project in order to coordinate work, resolve issues, and keep the right people informed.

We’re also delighted to announce that we are taking the Procore integration a step further with a new feature called automated photo uploads. We’ve heard from many project managers and superintendents that it is a hassle to ensure that the photos that someone sends in a text or chat message gets properly added to the project documentation. FieldChat solves this.

Procore uploaded photos

You can now set up any FieldChat channel to automatically upload all photos in the conversation to a folder in Procore. This means that every message - for example a text message sent by a subcontractor with a picture to illustrate an unexpected issue - can be captured in a FieldChat channel, and automatically uploaded to Procore, and the accompanying message text set as the description.

There are powerful possibilities to trigger workflows inside Procore using this new feature. For example, we have one construction team that plans to use this feature along with a third-party integration tool (such as Zapier) to automatically create a Corrective Action Observation every time a picture is texted from someone on the jobsite to a FieldChat phone number and uploaded to Procore. The possibilities for automating workflows such as safety, quality, provisioning, or daily reporting are fascinating, and we can’t wait to see how people will use this new feature on their projects.

If you are a Procore administrator and want to install the FieldChat embedded experience, you can find our app here.

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