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How It Works.

FieldChat connects the office with the field, and everyone in between.

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Never miss another text message.

FieldChat transforms texting chaos into an organized project view.

Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging

Instantly send messages, documents, and images to anyone working on a project –even to individuals that only use text messaging. Now you can get everyone communicating together regardless of the type of phone or apps they use.



FieldChat automatically notifies individuals about new messages based on their preferences – via text, app notifications, or on their desktop. The app summarizes unread messages by project and channel so you can focus on what's important.


Organized Inbox

The FieldChat app provides an inbox for all your instant messages, organized by project and channel – making it easy to understand what’s new and who is informed. You can also easily search conversation history, photos, and documents.

Collaborate across teams working on the same job.

Troubleshoot and make decisions faster by sharing information across the office and the field, and everyone in between.

Group Chat & Site Broadcast Channels

Group Chat & Site Broadcast Channels

General contractors, specialty contractors, engineers, and owners can share information, logs, pictures and documents in two-way messaging channels. Workers can self-enroll in broadcast channels by scanning a QR code, in order to receive site-wide messages or alerts.

Control Who Can See What

Control Who Can See What

Who can see what is strictly controlled by channel and project administrators. People can easily be notified about a conversation by @tagging them. FieldChat also integrates with construction management software, allowing for a single sign-on experience.

Easy & No Training Required

Easy & No Training Required

FieldChat is extremely easy to use and works with any device. Team members can download the app on their phone or simply send text messages to stay included in the conversation.

Record and share what's happening on a jobsite.

Increase transparency, keep teams aligned, and resolve disputes with a minute-by-minute permanent record of every conversation.

Activity Logs

Activity Logs

Easily capture jobsite activity the moment it happens. Document progress, deliveries, subcontractor work, inspections, testing, safety, and more. Automatically publish any type of log to messaging channels – keeping everyone informed.



Track every activity that happens on a jobsite. Perfect for invoice reconciliation, dispute resolution, and pulling together daily reports. Every message, conversation, photo, log, and document is easily searchable.

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Track What You Need

Configure the specific activities you want to track on your project (job progress, deliveries, inspections, subcontractor activity, small purchases, safety violations, etc.)


  • How do I access FieldChat?

    If you're a project manager, superintendent, or owner, we recommend using FieldChat on your web browser (Chrome and Firefox for example), or by downloading our mobile app, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play store. This gives you better visibility and control over your messaging channels, conversations, and users.

    FieldChat also supports text messaging, meaning that you can send and receive text messages directly from FieldChat. Great for subcontractors and less tech savvy users, because they can stay included in the conversation without having to download or learn anything new.

  • What are messaging 'channels'?

    Think of 'channels' as organized group chats about particular topics on a jobsite, e.g. Electrical, Plumbing, Framing, etc. Channels are where general contractors, subcontractors, engineers, and owners share messages, logs, pictures, and documents – keeping communication on a jobsite organized. You can customize channels to meet your needs and control exactly who has access to each channel. Channels are essential to maintaining good communication on a jobsite.

  • Can I send a message to everyone on a jobsite at once?

    Yes, you can send site broadcasts for important messages (weather warning, safety notice, etc.) that everyone needs to see.
  • Can I schedule messages?

    Yes, you can schedule single or recurring messages
  • How easy it to find messages?

    FieldChat makes it easy to search through channels and message history.
  • Can I download my messages and data at the end of a project?

    Yes, you own your data, and can download your message history, files, and images at the end of a project.
  • Are you integrated with my construction management software?

    FieldChat integrates with Procore and PlanGrid, and can be run as a partner tile in BIM360. Other integrations are currently under construction.
  • What type of support do you offer?

    Support is available via our FieldChat help channel in your FieldChat account, email, and phone.
  • Is it possible to bill direct to our company instead of via debit/credit card?

    If you decide to move forward with a 12-month plan, we can invoice your company directly.

Messaging built for construction.