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FieldChat Now Integrates with PlanGrid

Last week, we released an integration that makes it super-easy for PlanGrid customers to add FieldChat to their projects. FieldChat helps construction teams turn texting chaos on job sites into centralized, organized, and searchable conversations – resulting in less wasted time and rework, and simplified dispute resolution. Anyone on a construction team, including subcontractors, owners, project managers, and general contractors’ superintendents and foremen can easily be added to one or more FieldChat group chat channels and send text messages to all of their colleagues using a web browser or the FieldChat mobile apps. Subcontractors in particular value FieldChat's ease-of-use because they can receive messages through their normal text messaging app without having to download or learn a new technology every time they join a project team.

We’re excited about making FieldChat easily accessible to PlanGrid customers because communication on the job site can typically be the Wild West - a mishmash of text messages, phone calls, emails and in-app communications. FieldChat provides a universal instant messaging solution that allows anyone from any company working on a project to communicate with zero barriers, powering the kind of rapid, informal communication that fuels effective coordination, collaboration and issue resolution.

Teams can immediately start using FieldChat to enable instant communications on their projects by downloading the FieldChat app and then simply signing up with their PlanGrid login and importing projects. They can then decide what group chats - called “channels” - that they want to establish for the project. Each trade might be put into their own separate channel with a dedicated phone number so they can easily communicate across the team simply by texting messages and pictures. Superintendents and foremen might have another channel just for communication between them. The team can also establish additional channels according to the needs of the project, such as for safety, permits, quality or owner communication. Any user in a PlanGrid project can be easily added to any channels.

If you're a PlanGrid user, and want to try out the integration, sign-up for free here. We hope you like it!

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Steve Smith

Written by Steve Smith

Co-founder and Head of Product @ FieldChat