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Say goodbye to texting chaos.

Say hello to jobsite communications made easy.


Keep jobs on track, eliminate rework and have your team and contractors communicating in harmony.


Accelerate Progress

  • Faster response time when people get a text message/app message
  • Accelerated troubleshooting, decisions and updates
  • Reduced communication bottlenecks with everyone informed

Reduce Chaos

  • Communications automated and organized by project
  • Schedule messages to be sent as reminders the team about inspections or deadlines
  • Increased transparency on all decisions and commitments

Reduce Rework and Increase Quality

  • Better decision making through cross-team collaboration
  • Broader communication creates opportunities to catch mistakes
  • Team has the latest information and decisions


Gain Control Over Project Communications

  • You control who sees what and how the project communications happen
  • All message/photos history is saved in one place and archived by project
  • Personal communications outside the project remain private

Zero Learning Curve

  • Work is not slowed down by learning new software
  • Quick and easy set-up; get the team using it in minutes
  • In-app help support to ask questions
  • Works across any phone, laptop or tablet and integrates text messaging



Companies using FieldChat

Kiewit Black&McDonald_Primary_Logo_Outlines centrecourt-logo TB Penick Logo leapley2 corworth
FieldChat is a super user-friendly tool that saves us money and time. Our team relies on FieldChat for quick communication, to keep us up-to-date on what is happening on the job site and gets us the answers we need. We use FieldChat to communicate with our team, our client and our subcontractors. We document and share progress, coordinate site activity, notify people about unexpected site conditions, request assistance, and solve problems. Information that used to be lost in text messages or radio conversations is now captured and easy to refer to.

We love it!

Julien L., Project Manager Kiewit

Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 4.58.29 PM
FieldChat is so easy to use. We loved how our team didn't need any training to start sharing information. To get started, it was as easy as texting a new telephone number. FieldChat helps keep the entire team informed and allows us to quickly search our previous messages and photos to recall important information. It is also a great tool to send out reminders to the team and track materials, deliveries and progress in real time.

Kevin Y., Project Manager Black & McDonald

Effective communication can make an enormous difference to both individuals and businesses. Fieldchat is a very user friendly communications app that does exactly just that! Fieldchat was a vital tool used by our team for all forms of communication (deliveries, repairs, tasks needed to be done daily, etc.) and much more! The end result was very apparent when communication amongst team members increased resulting in less overlap, fewer misguided instructions, efficient and quick means of getting tasks done as this app gave us the ability to do all of this right at our fingertips!

Usama Hamid, Site Coordinator CentreCourt

We just left WhatsApp to use FieldChat. This is the correct way of organizing the field crew and subcontractors. WhatsApp was only for our internal use, now we can have separate channels with the subcontractors included for each job. Easy for subcontractors to use who may not be so tech savvy.

Justice Bentz, Vice President W.A. Bentz Construction


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