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 Communicate in real-time 

Improve productivity by keeping everyone instantly informed.


Instant Messaging

Instantly send messages, documents and images to anyone working on the project - even to people that only use text messaging.



Subscribe to notifications via text message, iOS and Android, and desktop, to know about new messages and jobsite activities that you care about - the moment they happen.



Inbox of all your instant messages, organized by project and channel - it’s easy to understand what’s new and who is informed.

Collaborate across teams and companies working on the same job

Troubleshoot and make decisions faster by sharing information across silos.


Group and Private Messaging

General contractors, subcontractors, engineers and owners can share information, logs, pictures and documents in many-to-many, one-to-many, and private messaging channels.


Easy & No Training Required

Dead-easy to use and works with the most basic phone - any team member or subcontractor who can receive a text can participate in the conversation. You can even include the owner.


Control Who Can See What

Who can see what is strictly controlled by channel and project administrators. People can be easily notified about a conversation by @tagging them. FieldChat also integrates with Procore for easy sign-on.

Record and share what is happening on the jobsite

Increase transparency, keep teams aligned, and resolve disputes with a minute-by-minute permanent record of what is happening.

Activity Logs

Activity Logs

Easily capture jobsite activity the moment it happens. Document progress, deliveries, subcontractor work, inspections, testing, safety - and anything else, including photos, with a few clicks. Automatically publish any type of log to messaging channels, to keep people informed.



Track every activity that happened on the jobsite up to the present moment. Perfect for invoice reconciliation, dispute resolution, and pulling together daily reports.


Track What You Need

Configure the specific activities you want to track on your project (job progress, deliveries, inspections, subcontractor activity, small purchases, safety violations, etc.)

FieldChat is a better way for general contractors and subcontractors to instantly communicate with their teams and their partners.

Companies using FieldChat

Roberts Ledcor Tdindustries Kiewit Black&McDonald_Primary_Logo_Outlines centrecourt-logo

FieldChat is a super user-friendly tool that saves us money and time. Our team relies on FieldChat for quick communication, to keep us up-to-date on what is happening on the job site and gets us the answers we need. We use FieldChat to communicate with our team, our client and our subcontractors. We document and share progress, coordinate site activity, notify people about unexpected site conditions, request assistance, and solve problems. Information that used to be lost in text messages or radio conversations is now captured and easy to refer to.   

We love it!

Julien L., Project Manager Kiewit

Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 4.58.29 PM

FieldChat is so easy to use. We loved how our team didn't need any training to start sharing information. To get started, it was as easy as texting a new telephone number. FieldChat helps keep the entire team informed and allows us to quickly search our previous messages and photos to recall important information. It is also a great tool to send out reminders to the team and track materials, deliveries and progress in real time.

Kevin Y., Project Manager Black & McDonald


We just left WhatsApp to use FieldChat. This is the correct way of organizing the field crew and subcontractors. WhatsApp was only for our internal use, now we can have separate channels with the subcontractors included for each job. Easy for subcontractors to use who may not be so tech savvy.

Justice B., Vice President W.A. Bentz Construction


Have Questions?

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  • How much does FieldChat Cost?

    Please refer to our pricing page.

  • Does FieldChat have a free trial?

    Yes. FieldChat is available for 30 days with sign up and money back guarantee.

  • Are you integrated with my construction management software?

    FieldChat is integrated with Procore. Other integrations are coming soon. Check-in with us for the latest information.

  • Is there support available?

    Yes, support is available via our FieldChat help channel and via email at support@fieldchat.com.

  • Is there an app available?

    Yes, FieldChat is available as a web app, and on both iOS and Android. Users can also use FieldChat just by sending and receiving text messages (SMS and MMS).

  • Can I download my messages and data at the end of a project?

    Yes. You own your data, and we provide you with a download file with all message history, files and images.

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